Kumari Kandam



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20 responses to “Kumari Kandam

  1. Wonderfull viedeo clipping

  2. sathish

    kumari kandam great-let it come out

  3. Jayan

    There are several stories published like this…believe me it’s all fake

    • hari

      if u not believe this your not a pure Hindu

    • you are right hari, they all bogus, tamil history itself ,is a bogus, what they calling , cholas,pallavas are telugu people, and pandyans are tulu people

    • S.Ramasamy

      the members who have published this clipping, had given us a short and simple version about out great tamil language. Please Jayan don’t scold them. Only after detailed studies about various scholars, they have given the clipping to our tamil community. I also, accept, that we are not giving importance for the development of our language. Anyways thanks for the video.

  4. sathishwaran

    I want tamil history

  5. nithin

    tamil is the first language in the world

  6. madhu

    Its was big amazing and big secrets oh india wow……

  7. karuna

    kumari kandam very suppar it come out

  8. arulmani

    i salute tamil tamil

  9. s.balasubramaniam


  10. keerthiRam

    kumarikandam,the precious one about our tamil language

  11. gavin christin

    we want to tell the story about KUMARI KANDAM to next generation .
    we speak tamil

  12. boos

    No coments guys thamizhanda vera avanda.

  13. ajay karthi

    kamarikandam is 1ly help tamil culture

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    Pugalmikka nam tamilai kappathu nam kadamai, so nam thalaimuraikku tamilai kattru tharuvom……..

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