The Lost temple of INDIA : Mysteries of Asia(Video)

The Mysteries of Asia three-part video series was originally produced for the Learning Channel. During this segment, historians and others examine temples built in India more than 1,000 years ago. They remain quite intriguing, though today’s tourists rarely visit them. Records reveal that trained elephants had to drag millions of stone blocks to help erect these structures. The program notes that due to the temples’ size, the U.S. Senate, Versailles, the Houses of Parliament, and St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome could all fit within a single one of them. Michael Bell narrates as footage and animated maps are used to help viewers learn more about what these ancient structures look like and why they were built. Asia is a continent steeped in ancient cultures, religions, and buildings. In this intriguing program, we are transported to this exotic land and examine the mysteries behind some of the most fascinating structures found there. Southern India has the largest temple complexes ever built. In “Lost Temples of India”, we examine these 1,000-year-old temples adorned with intricate and beautiful sculptures. We learn how the kings used large herds of trained elephants to drag the millions of stone blocks into place and how these temples are virtually unknown and unvisited by Western tourists. Truth or fiction, the stories of Mysteries of Asia will amaze and delight.

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 1/6

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 2/6

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 3/6

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 4/6

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 5/6

The Lost temple of INDIA – part 6/6

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12 responses to “The Lost temple of INDIA : Mysteries of Asia(Video)

  1. Sasi Marian

    It is awesome. Great document. These temples & many other Tamil Nadu temples are so rich in history, so awesome. One tourist can spend more than one day per temple. However, why they are forgotten. While agreeing to all the valid points documented here, as an ordinary man I feel these temple’s perimeter should be free from any commercial activities for at least 200 meters. There can be nice landscape or at least plain marble surface. I am sure even if we make it now people will pour in. A ticket system can create money to maintain and protect those great history.

    Assume that Taj Mahal is surrounded with petty shops and pan shops like shops around our temples. Will people admire like how they do it today?

    Even today, Govt can make each Tamil nadu temple like Taj Mahal, if they clean up its surroundings put nice marble floors for 200 meters around temples. It is my two cents.

  2. thiruppathy

    hi my name is Thiruppathy and I am from Malaysia I totaly agry with you but I am a bit upset that in Malaysaia, Indians do not know wh we are so I and my friends have joined forces in writing a book but since we are just 14 we are lack of contents although we have searched in the internet there are lot of unclear informations and a lot of fake, so I hope you would help us out here pls do not only for us but for OUR TAMILANS if there is any information you could contribute pls e mail to me in
    thank you

  3. Rajanand

    your articles are fantastic. we are interested to post your article in our site. first we have and now as waiting for our reply….

  4. Murali

    Fantastic. I vaguely remember seeing this in the discovery channel. But awesome:)

  5. Karthick

    Tamil varalaru video


    it’s very fantastic. I like so much.

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  8. Varadha Rajan,S

    Good info and historical details thanks for the making this videos and infos….

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