11000Years Old Man Made Structure Found in Indian Sea

By Graham Hancock

Kumari Kandam

11000Years Old U-Shaped Structure,Poompuhar

The place is called Poompuhar. It lies on southeast India’s Coromandel coast facing the Bay of Bengal between modern Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Its immediate offshore area has been the subject of marine archaeological investigations by India’s National Institute of Oceanography since the 1980’s — and numerous non-controversial finds of man-made structures dated between the third century AD and the third century BC have been made in the “inter-tidal zone” close to shore at depths down to 6 feet (approximately 2 metres).

These finds of structures in shallow water (some so shallow that they are exposed at low tide) have been quite widely written-up in the archaeological literature. But for some reason other discoveries that the NIO has made in deeper water off Poompuhar have attracted no attention at all. Most notably these other discoveries include a second completely separate group of structures fully three miles from the Poompuhar shore in water that is more than 70 feet (23 metres) deep. The lack of interest is surprising because to anyone with even minimal knowledge of post-glacial sea-level rise their depth of submergence is – or should be – highly anomalous. Indeed according to Glenn Milne’s sea-level data the land on which these structures were built last stood above water at the end of the Ice Age more than 11,000 years ago.

Is it a coincidence that there are ancient Tamil flood myths that speak of a great kingdom that once existed in this area called Kumari Kandam that was swallowed up by the sea? Amazingly the myths put a date of 11,600 years ago on these events — the same timeframe given by Plato for the end of Atlantis in another ocean.

Like the cities in the Gulf of Cambay the underwater structures three miles offshore of Poompuhar were first identified by an instrument called sidescan sonar that profiles the seabed. One structure in particular was singled out for investigation and was explored by divers from India’s National Institute of Oceanography in 1991 and 1993. Although they were not at that time aware of the implications of its depth of submergence — i.e. that it is at least 11,500 years old — the 1991 study confirms that it is man-made and describes it as:

a horse-shoe-shaped object, its height being one to two metres. A few stone blocks were found in the one-metre wide arm. The distance between the two arms in 20 metres. Whether the object is a shrine or some other man-made structure now at 23 metres [70 feet] depth remains to be examined in the next field season.

The 1993 study refines the measurements:

The structure of U-shape was located at a water depth of 23 metres which is about 5 kilometres off shore. The total peripheral length of the object is 85 metres while the distance between the two arms is 13 metres and the maximum height is 2 metres Divers observed growth of thick marine organism on the structure, but in some sections a few courses of masonry were noted

The Lost Continent
Kumari Kandam(குமரிக்கண்டம்)

To Read More Click Kumari Kandam

After 1993, no further marine archaeology was conducted along the Poompuhar coast until 2001 when I arranged with the NIO to dive on the U-shaped structure with funding from Channel 4 television in Britain and the Learning Channel in the US. Exclusive footage of the structure was filmed and is shown in episode 2 of the Underworld television series. Chapter 14 of the book is a report of our dives at Poompuhar, and what we found there.

Dr A.S. Gaur of the NIO told me on camera that it would have required “a very great technology” to build the U-shaped structure — one far beyond the abilities of known cultures in India 11,500 years ago. For Dr Gaur this is a reason to doubt the accuracy of the sea-level-data which suggests that the structure was submerged so long ago. However the NIO have not yet been successful in recovering any datable materials or artefacts that could tell us its age more directly (for example by C-14 or TL tests).

My own expedition to Poompuhar with the NIO in 2001 was limited to diving on the U-shaped structure and one neighbouring structure. But what’s really exciting is that more than 20 other large structures are known to be located in the same area down to depths of more than 100 feet. These have so far been identified only by sidescan sonar and never yet explored by divers. I’ve organised an expedition jointly with India’s National Institute of Oceanography and John Blashford-Snell’s Scientific Exploration Society in Britain to map and investigate these other structures in March/April 2002.

The Cambay and Poompuhar discoveries are both reported in depth for the first time in Underworld and set into the proper context of the flood myths and inundation history of the broader regions to which they belong.

If they are what they seem to be — a caution I must repeat since so little research has actually been done by anyone — then they signal an exciting new era in Indian archaeology in which the investigation of submerged ruins will play an increasingly important role. How do the Poompuhar finds compare with those in Cambay? Are they both parts of the same lost civilisation? Or do they perhaps represent two separate Ice Age cultures, one based in the north and the other in the south of the subcontinent?

Further exploration, involving divers, sonar scans and the recovery and analysis of artefacts will provide the answers.

And for reasons that I explain in Underworld, I think India’s most ancient scriptures, the Vedas, also have a lot to tell us. There are tremendously good reasons to disbelieve the scholarly consensus (certainly the consensus amongst Western scholars) that the Vedas were composed as late as 1500 B.C. Parts of them probably do date from then; but some of the hymns could be much older than that — carried down by oral traditions from much earlier times. I think it all goes back to the Ice Age.







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28 responses to “11000Years Old Man Made Structure Found in Indian Sea

  1. T.S.Karthikeyan


  2. Sudhakar Krishnamoorthy

    Nowadays its become paradigm to accept anything that attributes unrealistic pride and mysticism to thamizh history, as truth without cross referencing..
    Poliyana varalaru namakku endrum perumaiyai thedi tharaadhu! Appadi patta pughazh thamizh thaaiku thevai illai!
    The first half of your article, is based on the works of Graham Hancock, who isnt even an author qualified to write about archaeological findings under water.. And he is a known writer of conspiracy-theory themed articles, with incomplete and twisted proof.
    The second half of your work is based on the works of Devaneya Pavanar, whose writings have been dismissed as gibberish by everyone but tamil politicians and patti-mandram speakers, who are hardly even qualified to have a say on these matters.
    Devaneya Pavanar based his kumari kandam theory based on his bloated assumptions derived from incomplete fragments of ancient tamil literature, and connected it with Lemuria, the fictional land-mass connecting madagaskar and india.The idea for lemuria was originally crafted by Philip Sclater in 1864, who assumed that these two land masses must have been once connected because the animals in the lands shared a lot of similarities.
    Needless to say, this theory was dismissed as gibberish once the science of plate tectonics and continental drift were established. If your idea (which is incidentally not yours.. since hundreds of cult authors have written on the subject after pavanar) was correct, then the tamil civilization would have existed before the splitting up of India and australia, during the time of the dinosaurs, when mammals hadn’t even evolved yet.
    Thamizhukku unmaiyana perumaiyai thedi thara muyandral, unmaiyana varalaatrai mattum padhivu seiyavum..

    • Balu

      since you know so much details about tamilar history, why dont you share in this blog. Any one can critisize others work. Try to put your evidences with correct references in this blog. dont write just worthless comments.

    • muhunthan

      its funny how many people like you don’t understand logic. Graham hancock’s work is shown with full proof but is only suppressed. He provides proof for everything that he states as a fact. But people like you put others down based on stupid prejudices and false assumptions,besides prove him wrong.(i know you can’t)

    • Gokulnath Krishnan

      do u ‘ve anything to prove poompuhar s a myth?i mean an entire man made structures are under the sea…and they ‘ve calculated the last time when that land was above sea level which almost matches with the sangam literature…ok so we ‘ve a city under sea and why aren’t any of those so called cult authoers not doing anything about it?

      the sangam says about poompuhar..and there s a one…if it is not poompuhar and if it didn’t go under sea 1100 years ago then where is the evidence for it?

      Graham Hancock…k atleast he cared to investigate about it…he puts the facts and asks us to judge..

      and why the hell no one came fwd to prove him wrong if he is wrong about this poompuhar…?

      the so called cult authors they say tamil civilization is only 2000 years old then where did this under water man made structures came from?

      you people ‘ll believe some western authors but not your own ancestors who were so brilliant then anyone on the planet at that time….

      k ans this where did those structures came from??

      they accepted the plate theory ok so u accept kumari kamdam s just a myth…so what are these structures..which existed when the main stream archaeology says that there were no civilization at that time in the planet…

      the fact is if the world accepts this then everything they said and believed have to be re-written from scratch…

      and the science of plate tectonics and continental drift were established…?

      look there are still research is going on about the continents and all…and if something better than the above theory came and proved… the theory ‘ll be false…right??

      and u said it…

      that Graham Hancock, who isnt even an author qualified to write about archaeological findings did investigated it

      ok now where are those qualified authors to write about archaeological findings aren’t investigating this under water structures???

    • Panchavan Veera Muthuramalingath Devan

      this is really good to see people like u, that u have more knowledge on past and that too about tamils. You explain about lot of factors here its all knowledge.
      may be u know alot than us but dont try to prove that u r geneses.
      the things which explain in these articles shows that even tsunami cant destroy tamil and there peoples.
      i have strong evidence for that. one is me (tamilan) the other is poompuhar (the man made structure under sea)

  3. Tamil

    pls… upload video of this program

  4. thiruppathy

    hi my name is Thiruppathy and I am from Malaysia I totaly agry with you but I am a bit upset that in Malaysai, Indians do not know wh we are so I and my friends have joined forces in writing a book but since we are just 14 we are lack of contents although we have searched in the internet there are lot of unclear informations and a lot of fake, so I hope you would help us out here pls do not only for us but for OUR TAMILANS if there is any information you could contribute pls e mail to me in thiruppathyks@gmail.com
    thank you

  5. siva

    tamila naan epadi vallthum ………
    eppa epadi vallkirom.??????????

  6. sathish

    the fact is the greatest enemies of tamil civilization are within the country if the under water city had to do something with sanskrit or aryan culture than the indian govt. would hav spent crores of rupees in excavation work trying to proove its glory .

  7. Some non tamil peoples comment here with tamil name to claim that lemuria was fake.i dont know that why aryans hate tamil peoples and their history. Tamil olden poems says that lemuria was exist and it was attacked by tsunami.

    • Naval Shukla

      Hi Jaya, I am from north India, and I do not hate Tamil people. I want to explore more and more about our great country Bharat (India), whether it is North, South, East or West.

      On the contrary many Tamils hate north Indians. That is one of the reason we do not have one national language.

      • SOLOMON

        Language changed over a period of time,
        1. India was united under Ashoka / Buddha period, language used was Prakrit and Tamil / Tamizhi (Chera, Chola and Pandia)
        2. Later Sankrit (Hinduism) mixed with Prakrit and Tamil and created many regional languages, India got disintegrated and ruled by many rulers
        3. Later Urdu (Islam) mixed Sanskrit and new language called Hindi was born and which united central India
        4. Later English (Christianity) came to India, mixed with local language and India got reunited as it was during Ashoka and Chera, Chola & Pandia period (Greater India)

        Now, why can’t we keep Tamil as the National language which is still surviving even after many invades or migration stated in 2, 3 and 4

        English reunited India hence we accept that as a language for the administration.

  8. ethane sirapu erundhu tamil yen eppadi eruku
    tamil ku tamilar ku avamanam yen

  9. arunadas singaaravelan

    Hellow sudhakar , you read tamil history but with wrong motive? Tamils had a varsity called TAMIL SANGAM -I About 10000 years ago . This era is nothing but ATLANTIS as told by Plato.

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  11. People will Accept Things when so called Scientists should say RIGHT/TRUE, Never ever try to field work to make him understand better..!simply leaving comments does not mean you at all…

  12. இ.இளங்கவி

    It’s really awesome

  13. Vel vignesh

    I am a pachai thamizhan. aryans hate tamils ,but it is the tendency of tamils to help even their foes. As a tamil ,we know our history and culture ,don’t forget pass it on to nxt generation. “every bird gets its prey”.so does tamil. I wish to have a seperate tamil country dominated by tamils.
    vaalga tamil vellga tamil.

  14. Vel vignesh

    A seperate tamil country is meant to show the power of tamils to this world.
    so that nobody can defy our culture such as the jallikattu case.the country will have seperate tamil Army,Navy and Airforce.-A country to show the tamil courage and valor and to preserve tamil culture.

    • Tamilan da

      well said vignesh..surely your words would become reality..As a tamil we survive more than 10000 years.Even the whole world couldn’t stand against tamils.sooner everyone will know this

  15. தமிழ்.சாணக்கியன்

    தமிழனாக பிறந்தும் ஏன் தமிழ்நாட்டில் பிறந்தும், தமிழில் பேசினால் அவமானம் என்று நினைக்கும் மூடனே.நீ நன்றாக  நினைவில் வைத்துக்கொள்.உலகில் பிறந்த முதன்முதலில் தோன்றிய மனிதன் பேசிய மொழி தமிழ் என்று.இப்பொது தமிழன் மாற்றார் நாடுகளுக்கு சென்று பொன்னும்,பொருளும்,….ஈட்ட நினைக்கிறன்.ஆனால்,சங்க காலத்தில் உலகில் உள்ள அணைத்து நாடுகளில் இருந்தும் நம் தமிழகத்திற்கு வந்து சேவகம் செய்து பொன்னும்,பொருளும் பெற்று சென்றதை மறவாதீர் .சங்கம் அமைத்து தமிழ்வளர்த்தார்கள் நம் முன்னோர்கள்.ஆனால், இன்று தமிழில் பேசுவதை கேவலமாக என்னும் தமிழா….உன்னை யார் என்று நீ அறிந்துகொள்.

  16. Magi. K7

    Ulagam thondri pala varudangalil manithan pesiya mozhi 6.mandarin,french,heebru ,greek,lathin,tamizh.

  17. Mani bharathi

    We totally agree with you Balu sir, and please do your work as always don’t get distract by some stupid mans.. they are just slaves of western people and Ariyans.. they believe and they lick their foot always.. we know our past and our People what they gave to this world century by century.. We structured this world with our knowledge.. otherwise they will still be in caves and mute.. we proud of Tamilians.. the question is why we all forgot what our people done to this world..?
    Like you people have to remind this all again.. again.,.
    thank you Mr. Balu Ayya…

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