Why is Emperor Raja Raja Cholan Standing outside Big Temple?

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, April 2001 (ID.2001-04-03)


Hindians: People whose mother tongue is Hindi; much of Uttar PradeshMadya Pradesh and some surrounding areas in northern India is their homeland. Hindian politicians control and dominate the Indian government because they form the single largest block in the Indian parliament.


1. Background

2. A Brief Biography of Raja Raja Cholan

3. The Reason Why?

A Note about Names

The three ruling dynasties of old Tamil Nadu are written and pronounced in Tamil as Cheran, Cholan and Pandian (or Cherar, Cholar and Pandiar) but most English writers write them as Chera, Chola and Pandia. We may use it interchangeably. (Cholan is sometimes spelled as Chozhan. Pandian is also sometimes spelled as Pandyan or Pandiyan).

1. Background

Emperor Raja Raja Cholan built the Thanjai Big Temple (also referred to as Thanjavur Peria Koil or Tanjore Big Temple) almost a thousand years ago; it took 4 years of construction and was dedicated in1010 AD. Why is his statue not allowed in the temple grounds and is standing on a public street further away from the view of the thousands of visitors to the temple? We are not talking about installing the statue inside the temple but within the outer walls of the temple where visitors can see it. There are other structures within the outer wall. In fact, we see a statue of Raja Rajan and his queen Ko-perum-thevi in the Tiruvisalur temple. This statue was there well before there was an Indian Government. But, alas, the Indian Government would not permit the statue of this great Tamil emperor to be installed on the grounds of the temple he built.

Some two decades ago the Tamil Nadu State government commissioned a statue of the Emperor and intended to place it within the outer walls of the Thanjai Big Temple. The Indian Government told the Tamil Nadu Government that it would not allow the statue inside the temple grounds. So the latter placed it in a nearby street. The outcome is, the many thousands of devotees and tourists who visit the temple do not see the statue.

You may wonder why the Tamil Nadu Government has to get Indian Government’s permission to install the statue of a Tamil emperor within the outer walls of a Tamil Temple built by the Tamil Emperor on Tamil soil with Tamil money and labor? Indian Government decided, without any consultation with the Tamil Nadu Government, that it would take over the major temples in Tamil Nadu. Now nothing significant can be done without the consent of Hindians who control and dominate the Indian parliament.

2. A Brief Biography of Raja Raja Cholan

Who is this Raja Raja Cholan (more precisely, Raja Raja Cholan-I)? Readers who are fans of the popular Tamil novelist Kalki may be familiar with his historical novel “Ponniyin Selvan“. That novel is woven around the life of Raja Raja Cholan, also known an Arunmoli. Of course, much of the novel and many of the characters in it are fiction although that fiction is wrapped around historical events. What we present in this section are historical facts taken from such authoritative works as Dr. M.  Rajamanickam’s “Cholar Varalaru”, Nilakanta Sastri’s “The Cholas” and T. V. Sadasiva Pandarathar’s “History of the Later Cholas”. 

Rajarajantemple.jpg (35266 bytes)

Raja Rajan reigned between 985 AD and 1014 AD. It can be rightly said that the Second Golden Age of Tamil Nadu started with his reign and continued for another two centuries. (The First Golden Age of Tamil Nadu in known Tamil history was in the days of the Third Tamil Academy (Third Tamil Sangam)). He built one of the most glorious empires of South Asia that peaked during the regin of his son Rajendra Cholan – I and continued for another 200 years or so under his sons, grandsons and great grandsons. He was not only a great warrior king in the tradition of Cheran Senguttuvan, Cholan Karikalan and Pandian Nedunchezhian, he was also an able administrator, a patron of the arts and a devote Saivaite Hindu. 

During that period, Sinhala kings from Ilankai (now known as Sri Lanka and Ceylon) had the habit of interfering in Tamil Nadu by allying with one Tamil king against another, usually allying with Cheras or Pandias against the Cholas. (Of course, the blame should rightly be put on those Tamil kings who invited foreign interference and not on the Sinhala kings who made use of the opportunity.) So, after decisively defeating the Cheras and Pandias, Raja Rajan Cholan turned his attention to the Sinhalese King Mahinda-V. He assembled a naval armada and sent it to Sri Lanka. The Chola Navy defeated King Mahinda. After the military victory Raja Rajan built a Hindu temple there in Polonnaruva. 

Having defeated the enemy in the south, he moved north. The Chola army under the command of Crown Prince Rajendran marched north, all the way up to what is now Bijapur. The army defeated all who opposed its march north, including the powerful army of Chalukya Emperor Satyasraya who ruled the Deccans.

As noted before, Raja Rajan’s legacy is not just wars and conquests. He is remembered today primarily for the construction of the Tanjore Big Temple (Thanjavur Peria Koil). The temple is also called “Rajarajeswaram” after him. This Saivaite Hindu temple is one of the most beautiful and magnificent architectural monuments in South Asia. The magnificent tower and the delicate sculptures are truly a feast for the eyes. Not only Hindus from all over the world, but also tourists from around the world visit this temple. 

Though Raja Rajan was a devote Saivaite Hindu, he respected other religions. He built Vishnu temples in Mysore after he conquered the region. He not only permitted Silendra Emperor Srimara Vijayottunga Varman to build the Buddhist shrine Chudamanivihara in Tamil Nadu at Nagapattinam, he also contributed money for its construction.

Many arts – sculpture, painting, drama, dance and music – flourished during his time. He conduccted a survey of his kingdom and is considered a major achievement of that time. He divided the kingdom into a number of administrative units and appointed administrative officers for each unit. Villages were governed by local elders (a type of self-government). According to Dr. M. Rajamanickam, Raja Rajan’s administrative structure is comparable to modern administrative structure seen around the world. 

Raja Raja Cholan is truly one of the greatest rulers in Tamil history. This is in fact the reason why Hindi politicians who dominate and control the Indian Government refuse permission to install his statue within the outside walls of Thanjai Big Temple that he built. Let me elaborate.

3. The Reason Why?

Why do the Hindi politicians who control the Indian Government refuse permission to install Emperor Raja Raja Cholan’s statue within the outer walls of the Thanjai Big Temple? 

Many thousands of Hindu devotees and tourists from around the world visit the Thanjai Big Temple. If Raja Rajan’s statue is installed on the temple grounds for all to see, they may ask the others and tour guides about him and will come to know of his conquests, his majesty and the glorious days of the Second Golden Age of Tamil Nadu. The Hindian controlled Indian Government does not want people to know about this glorious past and the great kings of Tamil Nadu who are second to none. Hindian politicians and elite want people to think that all the glorious past of Indian history is centered on the Hindi heartland of today. They want to hide and put under a blanket all other histories, be it that of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala or Tamil Nadu, for example. 

Read the history books used at schools under the jurisdiction of the Indian Government (Central Schools and schools accredited under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)). You will read in detail about the kings and emperors who ruled from what is today the Hindi heartland, for example, Chandra Guptan, Ashokan, Akbar, et al. But you will not read anything about the Tamil kings or the Bengali kings or the Assamese kings, etc. In the Indian history according to Hindians, these lands do not have a glorious history worth mentioning although, in truth, every one of these nations has a rich past. Refusal to grant permission to install the statue of one of the greatest emperors of South Asia on the grounds of the temple he built is just another attempt by the Hindian politicians to hide the glorious past of the Tamil people.

(NOTE: Emperor Raja Raja Cholan is not the only one whose history the Indian Government wants to hide. About two decades ago, the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi tried to distort the history of Emperor Rajendra Cholan’s conquest of the Ganges Plains (today’s Hindi land). I published an article about it in the Tamil magazine “Thamizh Nilam” a decade ago.)


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    What Tamilnady MPs, MLAs and great Politicians are doing. It is really atrocious to hide the facts like this. We all should join together and fight for the right.

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    Next birth,I want to born in king generation.I’m so proud of the Indian king.

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    long live RAJARAJAR. best wishes to the founders of varalaru.com .I come to know about this site thru UDAYAR by Shri.Balakumaran.



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  21. Ok Sir, it is great to know that Tamilan are great. I’m from Malaysia and visited the Tanjai Kovil a year ago and why the tour guide who is Tamilan too didn’t take me to the place where Raja Raja Solan’s statue was built? Every Tamilan should promote every visitor to Solan’s statue so that it will be a must when visiting Tanjavoor. Valga Tamil!

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  26. logu

    Are any steps in progress now to make the statue inside the temple?

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    Vetri Vel Veera Vel…

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    do you know why Indian govt. (or the archaeological dept.) didn’t agreed to install the statue inside the temple premises??

  39. very very beautiful in the temple in thajsavur i like it & all people visit in the place

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    Raja Raja Cholan mannar rajiyathil ivargal illai yendral tamillukku pugal illai, Ulagahariya indrum yendrum avargal marainthalum appoluthum nam manathillum ninaivilum kudi kondar, kovil vadivangal amaitha kachigal maraivathu illai, Indru ulaga hariya tamilan yendra sol varthaigal saritirum padaithe vittargal, pooramai kollathai ,tamileh nir valga. T A M I L – Tamil-Alegana-Moliyagum-Indha-Logathil

  41. Sri Senguttuvan

    Where are those Mannar Paramparai, who claimed today

    Why they donot make any attempt to bring said Chola inside of Big Temple
    Are they really so, if so why they are not taking any step

    They are the rulers to day
    Ask them, dont weep

    Then you know their true colors

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    I like this temple .it is very beautiful Rajarajan is great Raja.my name also Rajarajan

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    Great you bear this great name. Dont stop, get further moment to get like minded guys in a group and form an association for installing statute of our great king inside the temple

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    Great news about our tamizh king!!!!

    All Please visit tamilchinthanaiyaalarperavai site to know some more interesting news abt tamizh and also tamizh speaking countries!!!!!!

    Also pls suggest some good books to read more about our tamil history.

    Tamizh Vaazhga!!!!

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    please try to make to know this every people in tamilnadu.. everybody will support to install his statue inside… No one have the right to stop installing his statue inside. please…

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    some bodys says that the big temple of thiruvannamlai its has big defect in built ‘thats is temple is slightly crossed from its straight line
    i am waiting to know more about this

  51. I believe Rajraja Chola was one of the greatest kings in the world, but your logic as to why the ‘Hindians’ do not want to install his statue in the temple seems majorly flawed. The sole reason behind not allowing the statue of the great king inside is because the Hindian Government does not want Hindian masses to know about the glorious past of Chola and other dynasties. You are basically trying to say that other than seeing the statue inside the temple, there is no way that people would come to know about Rajraja and other kings of the south. Are you serious? You think one statue would make somebody like Rajraja disappear from history?

    In today’s age of internet there is no need for a statue to be inside a temple for people to know that south India had a glorious history. I have never been to that temple, yet I know about Rajraja. That is because I am interested in knowing the history of my country and the world. But people who are not interested, wont give a shit even after seeing a 400 ft statue, trust me. They will just take a picture of themselves beside it and move on.

    Also, you said, “you will not read anything about the Tamil kings or the Bengali kings or the Assamese kings.”. You are wrong again here. I do remember me and my elder brother (and other cousins) reading all the major dynasties that impacted the history of India, and that is where I remember the names of the kings like Rajraja, Marthend Verma etc.

    Instead of spreading your propaganda, you could actually focus more on providing people with the wonderful stories from our past. But I guess you are also one of those people who care less about the history and more about their ego.

    Thanks for the great article BTW.

    – A ‘Hindian’ history buff.

  52. that also his great say thing comment me was known this cholas & cheran


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  57. Fabricated story.. pls stick to facts and not mix it with ur own opinions

  58. Dr. S.n. Suresh

    I don’t believe the reason behind this is just hiding the reality. The tamilnadu government is not fully intersted in doing so. Put lot of pressure on them definitely they will accept it.

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    tamil in arumaiyai naan ippo thu than unarugeeren i am proud and dont blame other north indians !!! because avangalum indians tamil never DIES!!!!

  60. Ravikumar Thayagarajan

    I am from Malaysia n we learn about them in our history books. However sad to hear non of Tamil ppl in India doesn’t even know who they are and how great the empire was!

  61. Shankar

    Whatever it is…
    Still Tamilnadu takes 1st place in tourism of both Foreign and Indian Tourist.
    If Anyone visit Tamilnadu they at least know who is “Raja Raja Chola” !
    So No One cant Hide the SUN !
    [Just Passing Cloud !]

  62. Praveen

    Awesome article. Thanks for making us to know about the history.

  63. Prem Kumar Achari

    Not just the North our neighboring states hate us so so much they will not give us water, and fight for water. No one is ready to accept the fame, essence,purity,greatness and classical and the oldest language as Tamilzh. Tamilan natai andan annal epozhudhu avanai verru oruvan algiran.

  64. shrinivasan

    tamilargal endrum mudhanmaiyanavargal.. while britishers tried to hide the history of india hindians tries to hide the history of tamils.
    what a shame!!!!!!

  65. Mathava

    Hope he will be thought, in temple God only king , not for a man,,,,

    Dear Raja Raja chola, thanks for provied us the big temple, the all world are looking your (our ) Temple.

  66. Navin

    Now Tell me how we can Bring back those statue into the temple. You exactly mentioned what is my observation about this Politician.

  67. The argument I feel is specious. You are absolutely right the Chola dynasty in general who ruled for over 400 years and King Rajendra in particular who ruled for over 30 yrs had an enormous impact.

    An Indian influence felt at Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka have 1000 year old roots is the result of his efforts. The very name of the city of Singapore and the ex President of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnoputri are living examples of the profoundness of the impact.

    Tamils are not only Tamils but Indians too. Many of us who live north of the Vindhyas feel and enormous pride in the achievements of all our kings and and queens of leaders and achievers including the legendary MGR and the recently deceased J Jayalalitha. We take pride in the strides of progress that Tamil Nadu has made in the last half century. We follow many of the examples that

    I agree with a comment that everyone should be allowed to celebrate their heroes in the manner they desire and we need to know more about our ancient traditions and cultures.

    But royalty; wherever in the world it was found; simply created too many poor people and created wealth only for a few. That as a system needs to change. Today most of us need to live a life of dignity, free from want and justice for all.

    It is my suggestion that let us help in creating a narrative where you and me and all those within our circle of influence get to live a life of dignity free from want and with justice to all.

    Politics of all kind including identity politics has been used by politicians to stay in power and keep us away from the larger issues.

    Cultural identity is important, as important as getting people out of poverty, helping them live healthy lives full of dignity and with an eye for a bright future in mind.

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